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Our Mission

Our mission and organizational goal is to provide youth participants, in Brooklyn, with the tools and resources necessary to discover their gifts and talents, and set goals to become successful, emotionally healthy, conscientious, and responsible adults through peer leadership development.

Programs For Teens

Group Life Advisement

CodyCares’ Life Advisement Group Sessions are convened when multiple clients are referred or  request the same services such as: Anger Management; Financial Management; Parenting  Skills; Finance Management; Tutoring and Study Skills; and other Life Management Skills.

Individual Life Advisement

CodyCares’ Individual Life Advisement Sessions are provided year around by appointment only.  These highly confidential sessions are specifically tailored to fit the needs of the client. These  individual sessions are the foundation of our services, where we provide the tools for each  person to be empowered, successful, and productive individuals.


Teen Hall Meetings

Teen Hall Meetings (THM) are forums used to equip our clients with the tools needed to  become peer leaders. The teens are placed through a rigorous program that teaches them to  self-assess, identify, and address problems in their life which hampers personal growth. After  learning these skills; the young adults under the direction and close supervision of Life Advisors,  and the Program Director, become peer life advisors, and apply it to hosting their own THM.  This process has had a proven success rate mainly because the peer-to-peer interaction  encourages growth amongst our teens. The practice of listening without judgement, helping  another individual: see his/her problem, and critically thinking about potential possibilities helps  to further the reach of the program and the ideals of CodyCares.

Career & Higher Education Fairs

CodyCares’ Career & Higher Education Fair (CHEF) is a forum to help ensure that colleges,  universities, financial services, jobs, internships, armed forces, mentors, and community  programs get their information directly into the hands of high school graduates. Many high  school students are under-informed about their post-high school options, the processes  necessary to guide and assist them towards furthering their education (e.g. SAT/ACT testing,  university application process, funding options such as grants and scholarships), and the  resources available to help them succeed. CHEF 2015 took place at Kings Plaza Shopping  Mall, and CHEF 2016 & 2017 took place at Ingersoll Community Center.

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7 Steps For Success

In order to be successful, you must THINK, THINK, THINK, THINK, THINK, THINK and THINK again before acting.

Discovering who you are starts from conception. It includes to whom you were born, where you were born, how you were raised, and what you want for yourself. Look at where you are presently, remember where you have been, and think about what you want and where you are going.

Make a list of your likes and dislikes. If you like something, do and have more of it, setting reasonable and realistic goals so you can surround yourself with it more. Your future takes thought and planning, so do not be afraid to write down your thoughts.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory – Takes the natural talent of what people like to do and lists them under intelligence. We possess all of the intelligence listed, but one or two are usually more dominant than the others.

  1. Verbal Linguistic
  2. Musical Rhythmic
  3. Mathematical Logical
  4. Body Kinesthetic
  5. Visual Spatial
  6. Interpersonal
  7. Intrapersonal
  8. Naturalist
  9. Existentialist

Once you find out your likes and dislikes, then you can make clear decisions. If you do not like something, try avoiding or preventing it or make accommodations that would make the situation tolerable. It is extremely important to know where you have been and learn from your experiences so you will not repeat the same mistakes.

Your goals, which can be short- or long-term, are your dreams. Objectives are more common and short-term. You set objectives to help you reach your goals. Keep in mind that there are different roads, strategies, and tactics to take to reach your goals – Like taking the stairs or an elevator to reach a building’s second floor.

After setting goals for yourself, you will realize that you are important. If you did not know you had a purpose, now you will at least feel like you have a purpose for being.

Once you find your purpose, you will want to continue living productively. If each individual is too busy finding his or her purpose and fulfilling his or her dreams, we would have no time being destructive toward one another. This would lead us to live together harmoniously and reach our purposes in life.

On behalf of all 2.6 million brooklynites, I commend Cody Cares For Kids, Inc.for offering an emotional and mental refuge for youth and for helping us move forward as One Brooklyn"
Eric L. Adams
Brooklyn Borough President
I commend the efforts of Dr.Cody and her board of directors for giving our youth the direction they need to become successful men and women.
Yvette Clark
U.S. Congresswoman
Cody Cares Inc Youth Depot is a brilliant way and guiding teens and young adults to become really healthy and successful leaders.
Marina N.
Former Life Peer Advisor

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